FROW at Toga AW16

For the last day of London Fashion Week, Toga kicked things off with a wild collection that was rich in animal prints, sparkle and patchwork, as well as romantic fabrics such as tulle and georgette. I remember standing for the Toga spring/summer 16 show last season and witnessing designer Yasuko Furuta’s brilliant skills in working with texture, an overlay of prints and punchy colours in a beautiful way. And so seeing these skills up close and personal from the front row was enthralling. The collection was bold and fun, as much as it was endearing and dreamy. I particularly loved the womanliness of this collection; it remained flattering and celebrated the female figure throughout the wilderness. IMG_8388The BFC Show Space at Brewer Street Car Par was given a bold, expressive backdrop in neutral colours. This is an image I took before the room was full.

IMG_8400Furry accessories were impactful

IMG_8418 (1)Sultry flowing hemlines

IMG_8434Contrasting wild textured accessories

IMG_8436IMG_8437A mashup of exotic materials worked around the body in a neat and flattering form, softened with the feminine silhouette of the skirt

IMG_8446My favourite look incorporated contrasting brocade and felt oriental-inspired. It’s elongating, while defining the silhouette with a cinched waist and thigh high slit. I love the colours and the soft flowing fabric which adds lightness to the outfit

IMG_8452The gauzy design from the waist down and accentuated hip area sizzled down the catwalk


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