My style resolutions

I’ve been thinking about setting style resolutions for myself over the past month. Something we could all gain a lot from doing, as it’s easy to get stuck in a style rut and not allow our wardrobes to take new directions and evolve. Or simply, not understand our sense of style well enough to really own it. So I’ve come up with six resolutions that I feel really passionate about and believe will transform my wardrobe. You might even be able to relate to some of these. I’ll let you know how I get on with following these through and post images of my style for you to see how it develops.

1. Colour & print


Alice + Olivia AW16

(Image: Vogue UK)

Be more daring with colour and prints, which includes experimenting with clashing combinations of both.

2. Schedule outfits 


(Image: Cosmopolitan UK)

Plan my outfits for Monday and Saturday in advance to set pace for both the working week and weekend. I have thought about planning for the whole week in advance, but this idea works best for my unpredictable schedule.

3. Amp up the jewels


(Image: Style Bistro)

Invest in more jewellery. In particular, I plan to get a statement costume necklace as I love chunky jewellery. As well, I am in need of a ring (perhaps in rose gold) as my fingers have been bare for far too long – even my granddad has pointed this out!

4. 5’10 and up


Christian Louboutin Otto suede tassel 100mm ankle boots


(Image: Matches Fashion)

To not worry about how high the heels are and just buy them (like the tassel ankle boots above. I need them). Standing at 5’10 in flats has it’s perks of course, however it attracts so much attention, especially when towering at 6ft 1 plus with heels on. Which means eyes are always on you, even when you want a more low-key day out.

5. Luxury meets the eyes


Prada SPR 27N women’s sunglasses

(Image: Lyst)

Invest in some luxurious shades. I’ve always been a devotee of oversized round sunglasses. In particular, the designs offered by Prada and sister label Miu Miu, as well as Chloe have consistently caught my eye. And since we tend to wear shades as a fashion accessory regardless of the season, this seems like the perfect investment.

6. The pursuit of androgyny


(Image: Harper’s Bazaar US)

To occasionally experiment with more androgynous styles. I see how much boyish looks can suit a woman with such a feminine style like mines. But before I channel this look, I plan to get some long and wavy hair extensions put it, after having my natural hair (which is just past shoulder length) out for three years. This will really give off a strong feminine beauty look and balance out the androgyny.

I’ll soon be posting my beauty resolutions for the year so keep an eye out. Also, I’d love to know what your style resolutions are. Please do share them by posting a comment below.


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