My make-up resolutions

I’ll admit that when it comes to make-up, I tend to stick with the brands that I’m used to, and flaunt make-up looks that are often quite reciprocal. But I’m learning more than ever that change is great. Whether that’s introducing a new brand into your beauty bag, or switching up your everyday look to incorporate a new technique or finish, being relatively experimental with beauty buys keeps things interesting. It also affords us the opportunity to discover products that could become holy grail beauty essentials. And what better time than now, as we’ve landed in the spring season.

Here’s my top resolutions, and how I plan to spice things up in the make-up department.

1. Nude lips

M3EW52.jpg Siss lipstick by MAC here

(Image: MAC Cosmetics)

One thing that I’m never without is red lipstick; I wear it everyday, from brights to more deep and warmer tones – the latter more often. But I’m all about trialing new products and adapting to change – more so lately. Which is why I’m setting a side one day a week for nude lips. This is going to involve purchasing a few different types, as I do with my reds. I’ll show you how I wear my nudes. And you can always check out my Instagram page for images too @misssakaynah

2. Foundation free (occasionally)


The beautiful model, Leila Nda (Image:

I read an article by shoe designer, Charlotte Olympia in Stylist magazine that really inspired me. She mentioned not ever wearing foundation and that if you take care of your skin, you shouldn’t have to. And while I love a good coverage, I’d feel much more confident showing off my skin at its purist and knowing that it looks good. This isn’t something I’ll do all the time, but occasionally, especially for days at the office. I’ll still wear my lipstick and eye-makeup. But, I don’t plan on going foundation free until my skin is at a point which makes me happy enough to do so.

3. Eyelash extensions


(Image: Groupon)

I’ve been meaning to get individual lashes put on professionally for a while. It transforms the face, and as I’m planning other make-up changes like the above, I feel this beauty procedure is even more necessary to add some oomph to a more natural look.

4. Self-grooming brows

FullSizeRender (1) (Image: InStyle US)

I have naturally thick eyebrows which is a blessing, especially in an age where pencilled in (or tattooed, for that matter) brows are the norm. However, I tend to only let specialists do my brows once a month, without plucking them myself (as I always think it may go wrong). And as we know, brows can make all the difference. I love the thick, groomed types, which means I’ve got to get into a routine of plucking my own brows as well for consistent maintenance.

5. Layering hair


(Image: Herinterest)

I’ve been wanting a voluminous look to my straight hairstyles for ages. But, when it comes to my natural hair, I’m resistant to chop anything of, outside of a trim. As well, when I do put in extensions, I still feel that my hair will get cut, as I leave some out, or that the Brazilian hair I purchase will be ruined. But I’m going to leave the worry to one side and get my hair professionally layered the next time it’s done.

6. Foundation change 


(Images: Selfridges)

I’ve been wearing MAC foundation for a while now, with a small break when switching to the sheer glow foundation by Nars. And in that break I realised how much I relied on the full coverage that my MAC offered me, as Nars felt a lot lighter in texture. Which is what led me back to MAC, despite all of the great comments I received on my skin when using Nars. However, I’ve realised that the sheer glow, or something like it, is just what I need – a natural radiant foundation that gives my skin a glow and offers sheer and buildable coverage. I’m torn between this and the Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation, which is an oil-free hydrating silk option. Whatever I choose, I’m super excited to see the transformation.

Drop a comment below, as I’d love to know what everyone else is planning for their make-up development.



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