TY-LR – An Australian brand to adore

When we discover a new label that’s super modern and in tune with our personal style, this inspires a coveted wardrobe that’s not only synonymous with our individual tastes, but also fresh and graduates to ensure our closets are recharged. A moment happens. A moment like the one felt having discovered the contemporary Australian brand, TY-LR. The brand features a strong range of workwear style clothing that’s cutting-edge, but always womanly and refined. TY-LR’s designs, headed up by Chris Kontos, show how workwear can be innovative, figure enhancing and elegant – all at the same time. Favourites come in the form of a monochromatic palette.

If you’re looking for staple pieces to form a solid and edited wardrobe, TY-LR is your go-to. It’s an absolute godsend that they deliver to the UK. With styles like these, you don’t need to buy clothes in excess, just a thoroughly edited selection of timeless, yet contemporary garments. theadaknitpullovergrywh1-edit.jpg

The Ada knit pullover



The Agate vest


The Divergence tuxedo 



The Antonia dress



The Diversion knit skirt




The Vantage knit skirt



The Maria knit top



The Joanna coat

And there’a plenty more to see!

(All images are from TY-LR)




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