Top 5 new release non-fiction books

I’ve been super keen to start a literature section on Trace of Style. As busy working women, there’s nothing quite like discovering a new book to dive into and be inspired by. Whether that’s a great biography, a fiction novel or psychological mind book, reading allows us the opportunity to gain in knowledge and wisdom. For me, crime and thriller novels come out on top. I simply can’t get enough. And then there’s the life-changing memoirs on courageous individuals that deeply move me. As summer gets closer and city breaks, holidays overseas and days soaking up the sun in our hometown are on the horizon, uncovering new reading material is even more necessary. And as it’s Sunday – a time for unwinding, reflecting upon the weeks we’ve all just had and hopefully allowing ourselves some ‘me’ time, I thought it would be good to show you my top five new release non-fiction books.

Love, Loss, and What We Ate by Padma Lakshmi


(Image: The Times)

The Curse of Beauty: The Scandalous & Tragic Life of Audrey Munson, America’s First Supermodel by James Bone



First Women: The Grace and Power of America’s Modern First Ladies Hardcover by Kate Andersen Brower

bsky-square-orig (1).jpg


A Woman of Property  by Robyn Schiff 



The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time Hardcover by Arianna Huffington




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