Find your signature hairstyle

If like me, you’ve been experiencing ‘bad’ hair days, and are sick of letting your hair deflate the way you feel, it’s time to hone a signature hairstyle. One that complements your wardrobe choices and life structure. For me, that’s channelling an everyday look of womanliness and minimalism.


Zac Posen SS16

(Image: Harper’s Bazaar)

I got to this point after realising that my newly stitched, curly hair extensions were a mistake. I couldn’t bear the bouncy, tight curls. And even my hour of straightening couldn’t make my heavy hair appealing enough – to me at least.


Jason Wu SS16

(Image: Harper’s Bazaar)

Four weeks down the line, and I still severely miss the sleekness of simplicity. Stripped back, nonchalant and pristine; glossed to perfection – my signature hair. After all, It’s the perfect style for an avid red lip wearing, contour curious woman who wants her face to make a statement.


Victoria Beckham SS16

(Image: Elle UK)

And owning signature hair is simple with this short exercise. All you need is a roundup of images from designers and style influencers that resonate well with you, before spotting the day-to-night hairstyles most associated with them. Chances are, these will be as inspiring as the clothes. In my case, (the designers) Jason Wu and Victoria Beckham, as well as (style influencers) Oliva Culpo and Bella Hadid, led me to my coveted hairstyle. Just take a look at the images to see why.


Givenchy SS16

(Image: Look)

Life is stressful as it is, so owning a signature look that’s easy and symbolic of your overall style, is a beauty in itself. It’s time to hunt for your signature hairdo ladies, and then totally own it!



Amanda Wakeley SS16

(Image: Julian Watson Agency)

Stye influencers:

Olivia Culpo 


(Image: Celebuzz)


(Image: Marie Claire)


(Image: Daily Mail)


(Image: Who What Wear)

Bella Hadid 




(Image: Daily Mail)


(Image: The Daily Telegraph)


(Image: The Hollywood Reporter)

Emily Ratajkowski 


(Image: The Mirror)


(Image: Look)


(Image: Grazia)


(Image: InStyle)


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